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At ECHub Africa, we believe no one deserves to suffer from "shege" (disappointment) from local technicians. Our mission is to increase facility lifespan using technology, expertise and data while eliminating these disappointments.

Get a Technician Now

Hire Echub for your facility maintenance/ management and get 80% stress off your shoulders or we work for free

All Installation, Repairs, Servicing and Renovation Services

Hire EChub for your facility maintenance/ management and get 80% stress off your shoulders or we wor

Starting at ₦10,000

Why our Marketplace

ECHub provide trusted services in construction, home renovation, home furnishing & finishing...

Facility Health Status And Lifespan

With this valuable information, you can proactively plan for maintenance, replacement, and upgrades, avoiding unexpected diisruptions and costly repairs

Best Talent

Tap into a talent pool that spans multiple regions. The best technicians aren't always in your backyard, they are at Blue Collar

Maintenance Report Audit

You get reports on every maintenance carried out with expenses, consultations and suggestions to aid in the technical maintenance. Here, technicians cannot cheat or overcharge or underperform or even try to smuggle you.

The Best Offer

We are ready to offer you a 10% reduction in price of your cheapest technicians with more improved service at that. (T & C applies)

Smart Monitoring

Utilising the power of tehnology, monitor your facility and power usage in real time, utilising the technology of Internet of Things.

Hands-On Support

From helping with on boarding to execution to sharing best practices, our success team is there every step of the way with 24hrs customer emergency support Help Desk

Founder's message

ECHub provide trusted services in construction, home renovation, home furnishing & finishing...

We solve a core problem for the construction agencies that have had to increase their hiring costs by 100%, hiring foreign expatriates because of inferior services from local technicians

For startups and SMEs battling with technical and operation errors

For the 10.7 million homes in Lagos faced with inferior services from local technicians and for the irregular system of project reports and audits from local technicians.

Elevate Your Hustle with ECHub!

Calling all young Nigerian Artisans! ECHub is your one-stop shop to take your skills to the next level and land those top paying gigs in the booming blue-collar industry. Here's what sets ECHub apart:
  • Become a certified pro: Earn valuable certificates that showcase your expertise and make you stand out to employers.
  • Connect with top clients: Get matched with high-paying jobs and projects directly through our network. No more chasing down leads!
  • Build your rep and earn big: As you build your experience and client base, watch your earnings grow!
  • Join a supportive community: Network with other skilled artisans, share knowledge, and find your crew within ECHub.
This is your chance to be your own boss and build a successful career in the trades, turning your skill into profits.

New cohort to be announced soon!

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